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Adrian began singing at funerals at age 11 while in attendance at St. Michael's Choir School in Toronto. He continued to do so throughout his years at the school right up to his final year of high school. Upon graduating from high school, Adrian continued to sing at funerals and has done so ever since as one of the most requested soloists. Having sung at several hundred funerals over the years, Adrian has a deep understanding of the grief that is experienced by mourners at funerals and thus has an uncanny ability to sing songs and hymns in a soulful manner that touches and comforts the hearts of those that are grieving.

In times of grief and sadness, music can play a significant role in comforting the souls of family and friends who have lost a loved one. Funeral services can be either joyful and celebratory in nature or they can be funereal, somber and dreary.

Quite often, funerals are held in the chapels of funeral homes where "canned" music is piped through the area. Also, an organist can often be heard playing "generic" hymns.

At funerals held in most churches, Music plays an important part in a funeral service. It helps to establish a welcoming atmosphere, it expresses the themes of religious texts and faith, it provides opportunities for reflection and enables the congregation to participate meaningfully in the farewell of a loved one, friend or colleague.

The structure of most Christian funeral services allows for music at various places in the liturgy, and may involve instrumental music e.g. organ, vocal solos sung by a cantor or choir, congregational hymns, songs and responses. Adrian has a breadth of knowledge and repertoire of music for religious and non-religious funerals to accommodate your musical needs in your time of grief.

Click on any of the following samples of music for a just a taste of the comforting voice of Adrian Luces. After listening you can send him an email to request his services by using the contact page on this website.

Sample 1 - You Raise Me Up

Sample 2 - I Asked The Lord

Sample 3 - O Christ The Same/Danny Boy

Sample 4 - Wind Beneath My Wings




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